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trade offer

i receive: nothing haha don't even worry abt it

you receive: a large wooden horse

“Toby, what do you want to do when you grow up?“
3 y/o: “um… go to the bakery!”

don’t throw away all the pictures of ur ex you gotta keep something for hexes

They weren't lying, building IKEA furniture as 2 people is much easier

Hey #FOSS communities! If you are moving away from #github (which you should), consider @codeberg.

If you like GitLab more than Gitea or need its advanced CI capabilities, and are (remotely) linked to education, you are also welcome on our platform!


1 Watt of solar generation on a rainy night.
ये कैसी माया है, प्रभू?

Apparently there's an upcycling event in Germany, Cologne organized by the @fsfe on 2022-06-03 where one can learn a bit about postmarketOS among other things. The original fediverse post from @caos is here (not boosting since it's in German and this is an English account):

It sounds like a lot of fun and we wish everybody a great time there. If you live in the area, consider going! 👣

@feditips @_Nohemi_Sofia_ Mastodon also does a lot less computing work than commercial social networks. There are no algorithms analyzing user behaviour or trying to optimize advertisement sales. So there’s some energy savings there.

A reminder that Mastodon and the Fediverse do NOT use cryptocurrency, blockchains, NFTs, tokens, coins, mining, web3 or anything like that.

Masto and the Fedi run on traditional servers and use a sustainable network federation model somewhat similar to e-mail (that's why Fediverse addresses look similar to e-mail addresses).

Also a reminder there are no venture capital firms or other investors either. No one owns the network, each server is independent. Masto and Fedi server running costs are paid by their owners, sometimes with donations from users.

No one is getting rich from the Fediverse, it is all volunteers with some getting donations and a few getting modest grants from foundations. Please remember this when you interact with admins or developers.

(There might be some individual users who post about cryptocurrency/blockchain, but the infrastructure this place runs on doesn't use it at all.)

Tl:dr - Decentralisation does NOT mean cryptocurrency/blockchain


So, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology blocks links under IT Act, 2000. But telegram is fine. What gives, GoI ?

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